Coaches Clinics

No one ever decide to put together a team with the primary goals of losing games, boring ballplayers and tormenting parents.  But sometimes that happens. Anyone that coaches a Youth League team is a good person. He or she is going to donate dozens of hours to try to help other people’s kids to have a fun and successful baseball experience. Its challenging for some leagues to provide highly skilled, motivated, and interesting training to help the coaches do the kind of quality job with the kids that he hopes to do.

I want to help! I have come up with an offer that will not only insure that the coaches in your league will get quality training on how to coach his team and motivate, but your league will have the opportunity to make $750. as well.

I will come to your league and put on a Coaches’ Clinic. Your league will agree to purchase 100 of my BASEBALL SKILLS AND DRILLS videos or TIPS FROM THE COACH videos at the wholesale price. The videos wholesale for $12.50 each and are suggested to retail for $20.00 each. The cost to the league would be $1250.00 but the league can sell the videos as a fundraiser and gross $2,000.00. That gives you a $750. profit and get a coaches’ clinic conducted by me for FREE! (See About Tips From The Coach for details on my background). If your league is within a 3 hour drive from Long Island, NY (that includes New York City, New Jersey, and Southern CT), I will drive at my own expense. Otherwise, just provide a round trip plane ticket. Surely, there is someone that would love a tax deduction for donating some of his “frequent flyer miles” to the league to fly me in.

From the clinic the coaches will learn:

  • What teaching baseball to youth players is really all about
  • Getting the most success and fun for the players, coaches, and parents
  • The goals of a youth baseball coach
  • How to work with parents
  • Hitting mechanics
  • Pitching mechanics
  • Fielding mechanics
  • Drills to enable an organized and efficient practice that will provide maximum learning experiences
  • How to help players with the proper mental approach to the game

If you can’t or don’t want me to come to your league but still want to sell the books and videos and train your coaches, the next best way is to use the BASEBALL SKILLS AND DRILLS and TIPS FROM THE COACH videos to train your coaches. The series is the only series approved by Little League Baseball, PONY Baseball, Dixie Youth League Baseball, and the National Association of High School Athletic Coaches for the training of their coaches and players.

Contact me by email at or call me at 516-366-4272 to book a date for your coaches’ clinic. Obviously there are only a limited number of dates available each season, so make your plans early. I can conduct the clinic indoors in a gym or auditorium or outdoors if weather permits.

Lets help those great volunteer coaches to lead your youth league baseball players to the best season ever.