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Coach Bruce Lambin

Coach Bruce Lambin

“Tips From The Coach” started as an email newsletter in about 2002 by Coach Bruce Lambin. With a background in production of video and television, Lambin used his experience to produce theĀ Baseball Skills and Drills video series. This was groundbreaking event, as it was the first professionally produced baseball training video series. Shortly thereafter, it became the only series approved by every major youth league including Little League International, PONY Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, and the National Association of High School Coaches, for the training of their coaches and players.

The marketing of this instructional series propelled “The Coach,” as he became referred to, into the world of baseball. He had the opportunity to interact with Major League players and managers such as Nolan Ryan, Art Howe, Jim Lefebre, Jesse Barfield and more, respected college coaches such as Gary Ward, Turtle Thomas, Augie Garrido, Cliff Gustafson, Tony Robecheaux and Tim Tadlock, and legendary amateur/youth coaches such as Jack Schulte, Tim Tully and Steve Slania. He found that the key to becoming a better coach is to shut up and listen to those that know more than you. His motto has been “never stop learning.”

About 25 years ago, Lambin created the first elite travel / select / All Star youth team, based in the talented greater Houston area. The teams he coached won a lot of games including World Championships, but found that the game is about the journey, not the destination. It is about the lessons in life learned, not the trophies.

From the Lone Star Baseball Club, which Lambin created for teenaged ballplayers, over 450 players have gone on to college ball, over 75 to pro ball, and 15 have made it to the Major Leagues.

After many years in the baseball world, Lambin decided to let the reins go to a younger coach, with as much enthusiasm as he has for the sport. One that appreciates the positive effects that the baseball experience can have on players, coaches, and families alike. That coach is Jeff Noreman.

Coach Jeff Noreman

Coach Jeff Noreman

Jeff has also been active in the baseball world for about 20 years. He owns and is the lead instructor of Ballplayers Academy, which trains ballplayers with two overriding philosophies. First, you must train beyond the challenge that you will meet on the field in the game, and second, that you must measure everything that you can to objectively see where you are.

Jeff has coached teams for the South Shore Indians, the Long Island Ducks, the Long Island Bandits, the Long Island Mustangs, the Long Island Whalers, and the All American Prospects (out of Southern Florida). He coached at St. Dominic High School, the 2009 Long Island Catholic School Champions.

Like his predecessor, Jeff now conducts many Coaches Clinics. We continue to believe that anyone that leads a team is a good guy, and that he’s going to spend hundreds of hours to help other peoples’ children grow from this wonderful baseball experience. For that reason, we created this website as a resource for coaches and parents to gather honest, useful, and practical information to allow you to best maximize the success and fun that is baseball.