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How to avoid Tommy John surgery – Part 1 Comments (0)

During the first month of the Major League baseball season, seventeen MLB pitchers had (or will soon be having) their ulnar collateral ligament in their pitching arm reconstructed surgically. This procedure, commonly as “Tommy John” surgery, named after the first person to have this procedure in 1974. (My friend Brent Strom was the second.) Thenbsp;… [View Details]

How to Stop A Pitcher’s Meltdown Comments (0)

It’s happened to every pitcher on a day in his career. In fact, it’s happened to every pitcher several times. All of a sudden, he just can’t throw strikes. He can’t find the strike zone. The few times he does, he’s getting hit. It happened to Matt Harvey and C.C. Sabathia when they were innbsp;… [View Details]

If you see something, say something Comments (0)

It is so easy to ignore potential problems when things are going well. That goes for any aspect of your life, including baseball. Why mess with that hitter’s swing if he’s smashing the ball deep into the outfield more than any other player in the league? Why suggest that a pitcher changes his motion ifnbsp;… [View Details]